As of now we know what is SEO and what is meant by the phrase “SEO in India”. But haven’t you ever thought that.. “If there is a huge profit to the websites ranking number 1 in the search results and there is a huge competition in this field, then how Google or any search Engine viz. Safari, Mozilla,Yahoo etc. Classify a page and how these search engine differs between different locations ?”

Means if you are in India and search for any word(normally keyword) on any Search Engine then the ranking of the same website is different than when you search the same query in United States or any other country. The reason behind this cause is the main reason of doing a different case study in India for SEO which is phrased as SEO in India. Let’s understand this one by one in the sequence.

First of all let’s think about it how Google or any other search engine classify which page to show at the top as it really matters to be at the top place; then if you searched for “Best laptop under 30000” then Google all the available pages with the Title matching with “Best laptop under 30000”, the result or website which has the maximum matching title with the searched keyword [i.e. “Best laptop under 30000” in this case] has the high chances to show up in the search result. Then Google searches for the content inside the particular website if there are the most matching keyword inside the content then the chances of that particular website is high enough to show up at the search results.

But let me tell you one thing clearly here that there are no any particular designed way to choose to be at the top in any search result it only comes through experience. Because Google has its most secret and advanced Algorithm to choose the odd out of many; so no one can become SEO Expert in just a day or two it requires to pass a tough competition of Relevancy, Advancement, Originality and a little Experience in this field.

Now coming to the second and main part that “Why these results differ from Location to Location Time to Time etc.” and what required us to do a different case study about SEO in India. Then for this let we again discuss it with an example : suppose “your old phone is not working and you have a budget of around 10000 for a new phone” then what you will do normally is go to Google and search there “Best phones under 10000 in India” then the main story starts here..

Have you ever seen that there are websites ending with the “.com” suffix and there are some websites ending with “.in” suffix. The websites ending with “.in” suffix are now at a higher level of profit in this search because the suffix “.in” focuses mainly and completely on India or hence mainly at Indian Market. So by this the websites having this type of extension are having high chances of coming at the Top because they are mainly focusing on Indians. We can also say that they have created a different stream for us to do a different case study of SEO phrased as SEO in India.

At the end I just want to say that it is not a small topic or a small field which has a limited theory or subjects that by studying them you will become master in the SEO or in any particular case like SEO in India. It is updating regularly, daily on every second as the technology is increasing our reach to the last person of the Globe is also increasing hence competition is increasing and hence studies are made and will be made in future too….

Edgy! Distinct and informative! Our efforts are put to make a design that not only stands apart but also helps you make strong presence of your products and services across the web. At VijayMishra964, we strive to help you with the most inquisitive designs which identify straight with your brand and help you manifest in the global market.

Associated by a team of expert professionals who believe in carving a niche and explore a company’s needs. Some of the factors which are aimed at assisting an organization include:

  • Market research – performing of market research on the target audience, competitors, similar businesses and offerings
  • Evaluation – measurement and evaluation of the corporate identity of the company and finding ways to position it in the most competitive manner
  • Crafting and materializing of design strategies – After healthy market research and study, steps are taken to make it worth the business. The design strategies are implemented keeping in mind the business status and standing in the market arena.

Our offerings include:

Logo Design and Branding

  • Logo speaks volumes – we design logos which cater your services
  • Unique designs – unique brand recognition

Custom Website Design

  • Complete optimization of your website in sync with the market trends
  • Sleek design and interactive features

Responsive Web Design

  • Website running across all platforms on all mobile devices
  • High end user-interface

OpenSource Theme Design

  • Stunning custom based website design
  • Choose your desired theme and create your own design

Ecommerce Website Design

  • Convert your visitors into customers with a responsive ecommerce site
  • Social media integrated ecommerce website

Flash Website Design

  • Customized and engaging websites
  • Fast loading and easy access to the websites

Website Re-Design

  • Revamp the look of your website for reclaiming your visitors
  • Contemporary, engaging and trendy

Mobile Design

  • Get design that manifests your products at best on a mobile
  • Attractive, easy and informative design

Video Media

  • Display your products and services through an engaging video
  • Increase your probability to appear in front of your audience

HTML Development

  • Customize your website’s look with HTML
  • Make your site easy in user engagement and appealing in appearance

Learn more about :

If we turn around (I mean towards past) in India then Five Years ago, well to be a little bit clear till 2014 the data services or the charges for surfing on the Internet (so called World Wide Web or WWW) were really very high. Even everyone was paying a total of 4-5 times money as they are paying now for a monthly Data pack in India. After the launch of Reliance JIO in India it really made very easy for everyone’s pocket to search anything from their comfort i.e. if you want to either buy a suit-pant for any marriage or want to see the best place in the World to enjoy your summers, you can easily search the Google or any search Engine for your Query and then you are in the Fish-pot of the links(links like a fish) floating here and there waiting for you as their adoring.

But did you know as the process to surf on the web was becoming easy day by day in India, it gave birth to a New, Fast-Growing and High-Competitive Market called “SEO” in India. If we keep aside this four year growth case of SEO in India and keep our focus on the time before it then we will find that there wasn’t that much competition in this field as the competitors had the reach of less people which directly reflects to “less money”.

Do you know which market am I talking about and what is it?

It is SEO means Search Engine Optimization but as the India is now the fastest growing hub of this market so our main focus will be SEO in India. Let we get into some of its details with some real life examples and know what this market is all about. Lets take two different cases..

As this is the month of July and we know that according to the Indian Culture there is an upcoming great Indian Fest. Rakshabandhan in the month of August. Suppose you are a kind brother to your sweet sister and you wanna gift her anything on this upcoming great fest but you are confused what to do with it? How to deal this situation then normally what will you do is you will go to the Google/Mozzila or any search engine and type “Best gift for Rakshabandhan”. There you will see that Google loads a several of links to different websites/Blogs and you normally click the first website out there. Though you are not the single person to do so. Most of us normally do the same when we are in search of any result.

Let’s take the another example, as this is the college season and you wanna buy a Laptop for your new class and suppose if coding is your major, then what you will do is again you will go to the Google, type there “Best Laptops for Coding” and again you will click on the First Link there (either going to a website or any article). And once again you are not the single person to do so.

So have you ever thought about this, how much traffic that first placed website generates with in a day or within a month or within a year, you will find that the graph and the data is increasing and it will remain doing so; due to following points regarding our example.

 Rakshabandhan comes every year.
 College takes new admissions every year.

So think that the Owner/Moderator of that website can take any amount of money for Advertisements of different products and services and he/she will really get 2-3 times more money compared to those second or below placed websites as it have more number of visitors on its link.

As Google is a Search Engine and your search results were optimised by Google so this is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO and as India is the fastest growing Hub in the World so this was our study about SEO in India.

VijayMishra964 provides complete digital marketing services that will increase your business ROI. Hire a professionals digital marketing expert today.

Everybody is online today. Buying, selling, networking and what not is happening. Are you networking enough? Are you using the Internet fully for your venture? Have you expanded your business goals over the web? If you are on a hunt of a web warrior who could nurture your web presence, make it healthy and get potential clients then meet us.

At VijayMishra964, we use most advanced web tools and infrastructure to build your reputation across the Internet.

What we can do for you?

  • Analysis of your website followed by strategic reporting
  • Online campaigns and advertisements for web reputation and brand management
  • Profitable conversion rates and sales

Our Digital Marketing Includes

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Attain highest ranking at the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing
  • Considerable improvement in website performance via powerful website analytics

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

  • Improvement in client’s brand, price, web positioning and unique selling point
  • Significant ROI

ASO Services – App Store Optimization

  • High ranking of your app in mobile app stores
  • Increase in downloads and sales via app store SEO

Pay Per Click

  • Instant traffic
  • Flexible advertisement
  • Immediate ROI bearer
  • Control on ads and keywords

Social Media Optimization

  • High end online brand reputation
  • Strategic presence across all leading social media sites
  • Healthy interaction with target audience

Brand Reputation Management

  • Build positive identity in the market
  • Protect you from any form negative criticism
  • Boost your online reputation via SEO and SMO strategies

Local Search Optimization

  • Get you at the top results at the local search engines
  • Increase your visibility in the local market

Mobile SEO

  • Responsive search engine results
  • Profit oriented mobile web presence and visibility

Email Marketing

  • Construct goodwill with existing clients and regularly update them about your offerings
  • Build and retain relationships with potential customers

Conversion Optimization

  • Successful conversion of visitors into customers via strategic techniques and relevant content
  • Scrupulous website analysis for assuring relevant traffic navigated from the ideal sources

Content Marketing

  • Market your product through rich content
  • Build communication via white papers, blogs, articles, newsletters and more

Online trade is a little competitive with various companies present today. This is the reason that companies must place a skilled SEO organization to make sure that they get appropriate and dedicated users for their website. A great SEO company catches the basics of internet advertising and will make sure that your firm thrives in fierce trade. You’ll be secure of getting appropriate traffic which will ultimately turn to leads and sales. If you’re seeking for a Best SEO Services Provider to take your trade to the next step, here are some qualities to look for.

  • Experience as well as professionalism

When it is about success in the digital field; the knowledge of your SEO Company matters a lot. If you desire to have the best results, it is advised to select a firm which has considerable skill preferably in managing with trades in your area of specialization. These firms will have a better knowledge of your trade and will bear excellent SEO campaigns as well as results. The SEO firm must be knowledgeable regarding the activity of both local as well as international trades. These professionals will understand your demands and will work to bring the results you want.

  • Good reputation

Present and previous users will always have a lot to tell about their SEO service provider. That is the reason it is important to control the image of the SEO trade you desire to hire by asking for the deals of their previous and present users. Check online to conclude what other clients say regarding local SEO firms.

  • Transparent

Hiding anything hardly play any role in an effective SEO campaign. The top SEO firms must be able to describe in a language which all can catch. If they make use of fancy terms, gloss around the facts and/or affect you with useless information – go oppositely.

  • Consistency

It isn’t a fast fix and needs attention for about a long time for results. Accordingly, keep an eye on your Search Engine Optimization, all most often SEOs deliver before the time yet after months 2-3, they begin to be some less steady. Keep them attentive and consistently active towards your plans.

  • Open-minded

Digital advertising is an uneven landscape and nobody knows all. The best SEO Services Provider can be a student and regularly open to learning of latest techniques and schemes. Search what they’re getting and ensure they remain on top.

  • Deliver Results

Yet the best part the importance of an SEO firm opts to if they bring or not. Some deliverables you must be wishing to get in results are given below:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve clarity of the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Boost your changes and sales
  • Provide yourself a competitive limit
  • Bring a positive ROI (you create extra profit like an outcome of their task than you pay on their repairs).


  • Employs New Methods

The online advertising field is regularly increasing and the SEO methods are evolving. The best SEO services provider will regularly check for the new updates and modifications in the search engine optimization process. They will analyze the latest techniques and use them to suit the requirements of their customers and assure the relevance of web matter.

  • Professional Group

It is a crucial feature of a good SEO agency. Great firms will motivate their staffs to achieve research daily so they can remain on top of the new algorithms which the main search engines use. They will also constantly train their workers to make sure that they are aware of the latest digital media policies and SEO tools which have just launched in the market.


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Being a professional and reliable Experts from India. I truely believes in the saying “Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.” and I’ll show you how it justifies well.

We all are aware of the fact that a business website is something which presents an image of the whole business and brand to the people. Therefore, it should be something which is compelling and reliable enough to draw people towards it. And in order to get this, you’ll need someone who can actually help you to accomplish these things in the right way and I’m here to help you out in this. Yes, I’m the one who has got plenty of experience in web design and I’ll provide you with the Website design service in the most convenient and reliable way. Being a Website Design services from India, I know what are things which you need to be aware of and how can I make all great things work for you in the right way.


The prime purpose of the design is to make your services and goods different enough to draw the user’s consideration. Being different and unique from others addresses you ambitious. If you see reliable, acknowledged and efficient website, then you will certainly realize that the interest is not reluctant to come. This’s the truth!

Your website is a key part of your company and I’ll surely make certain to get the right things out for you and your business.

Reasons Why You Should Go With Me

Having lots of work experience in Website Design services in India, I have a comprehensive skill set to provide unique and effective design services. Here, I’m going to blend up my innovative ideas and acquiescence with the modern business demands and will present you with the best-selling recipe for your company brand!

Are you the one who’s thinking to get a completely new website for your business and want it to get started from scratch? Or are you the one who’s striving for some experienced freelancer in order to get the website re-designed with the top functionalities? No worries, no matter whatever the scenario is, my skills and knowledge in this niche make me the perfect fit for you.

Get In Touch With Me Today

No matter, what your needs are you can feel free to contact me anytime and as an experienced and competitive Website Design services in India, I am willing and glad to help you with the best services and experience.

Online Marketing

We build your presence strong at the web. Our freelancing company goes an extra mile in meeting with industry benchmarks and exceeding them. Join hands with us to create a mark of your products and services at the web. The unwavering focus lies in meeting the standards and creating a benchmark.

Mobile Apps Development

Across all verticals, mobile apps are making development at huge pace. We are there for you in creating apps which meet with the audience’s demand. Our team of mobile application developers takes efforts in meeting with what is trending and what has the potential to set one.come and join us.

Web Design and Development

The process of web development includes client-side/server-side scripting, web server, web design, web content development, client liaison and network security configuration, and e-commerce development. We make sure of the most updated technologies such as PHP,, Ajax, Flash, etc.

What can we do for you

VijayMishra964 is a freelancing company leveraging on its human resource and technology expertise. Started with a corporate responsibility and a sheer aim to bring a revolution in the industry, the company is making attempts in conceiving unique IT driven solutions.

digital strategy and innovation

Want to propel your business at the online front? Are you really using the online media to the core? Our strategic marketing solutions aim to boost your services on an international level. The digital world encompasses opportunities to grow your business, attain global reach and increase your profit margins. Our digital marketers research, conceive ideas, plan and implement many methodologies to help your business grow with leaps and bounds.

Creative and experience design

Clarity, appeal and effortlessness! These three aspects define a good website design. Our experienced designers craft websites which maintain complete lucidity between content and design. Lot of research goes in before designing a website and also, industry standards are met with. At the same time, we are all ears to the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it is creating a perfect mobile web design or a responsive design that makes people love.

emerging technology

Technologies are drive your business ahead, tools. Advanced, smart and remarkable in nature, technologies like JAVA, PHP and others garner your web presence. While, our experts keep in sync with the industry standards, we also keep a track on the ongoing competition. Our aim lies in keeping you at the forefront in the digital market and make sure your Internet presence reaps you huge profits.

IT consulting

Market trends in IT keep changing and keeping oneself upgraded remains to be a job. Our IT consultancy services aim to help you in understanding your core business objectives in relation to the effort you are putting. The IT experts go deep in your services, and study the offerings. We help you in everything, from understanding the your requirements to how to leapfrog your competition.

Call Us today! We might just be the perfect fit for you.

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Are you looking for a freelance SEO expert in India who can offer you with the most professional and reliable services locally and globally? If your answer to this is YES, then you’re at the right place. SEO Expert in India and his highly skilled team are here to offer you with the most extensive and comprehensive services at the most affordable yet cost-effective prices.

Our past work experience and knowledge have made to be one of the Best SEO expert in India and all over the world.
We’re currently serving to more then 90+ clients along with our professional and amazing clients, so be with us and let us help your organization as well. Experience our comprehensive SEO services today.

With our extensive experience and skills, we will help you rank your website at the top of Search Engine through which you will be able to get plenty of customers in the future. Yes, we’re the ones who can do this for you.


Professional and experienced staff.

I have got an experience of more than 8+ years under my belt and along with that, I own a team of 20+ Experts with me who has proven track record in past.

SEO is our passion.

SEO runs in our blood which makes us really pros in this field.

Latest strategies and tactics.

Our extensive knowledge makes us follow the most latest and updated technologies and techniques to be followed which later on, help to get quick and real results.

Consistently named a top SEO expert in India and other numerous places.

My experience and knowledge have led me to the point where my proven track records make me and my team one of the most well-reputed freelancers globally and in India as well.

Our Speciality

I, SEO expert in India and my team has always worked extremely hard to stay ahead of other freelancers which as a matter of fact, makes us more keen to practise honest practices that enable us to provide all our clients with more genuine and organic traffic and conversions.

Hire us and get your website ranked on Page 1 of Google.

In a case, if you’ve any query then feel free to reach me at (Phone number)

What I and my team can do for you

On Page SEO:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Meta Tags (keywords, title, desc) Optimization
  • Header (H1, H2, H3.) Tags Optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Webmaster Account Setup
  • Site Map Creation & Opt
  • Image Optimization (ALT Tag)

Off Page SEO:

  • Guest Posting
  • Microblogging
  • Business Listing
  • Web 2.0
  • Article Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
    Blog Creation and Posting
  • PDF Submissions
  • Video Submissions
  • Q/A
  • Forum Links
  • PPT Creation and Sharing
  • SMOseo

Just feel free to contact us now, if YOU have any question.

Thank you!

Get to know the reason behind our success and why you choose us.

Research! Resources! Reach!

Are your strategic business plans materialising as you thought to be?

Want to add tactical IT infrastructure to your business?

We create niche for small and medium scale organisations through our bespoke web development, digital marketing, and mobile app development services. Our diverse range of IT services is aimed at meeting with the clients & business goals and international quality standards.

Company Overview

Since our humble beginnings, VijayMishra964 has grown into an expansive, successful and global entity. With our truly effective IT solutions and services, we have assisted umpteenth businesses in carving their niche in the global market. Our commitment is based on five core values:

  • Customer care
  • Innovation and quality
  • Team work
  • Dedication
  • Transparency

Experienced and insightful, our offshore organisation is determined by our values, ethos and professional ethics.

Why choose us?

With over global clients already enjoying a considerable increase in traffic rates and a growing customer base, VijayMishra964 has fast become a name to look out for. As a matter of fact, 65% of all our business comes from existing customers. Our tailor made services enable us to create robust, updated and worthwhile solutions.

Our strengths are based on our highly experienced team, research abilities and result oriented methodologies. With cost-effective budgets and the ability to work in your time zone, no matter where you are in the world, we keep up to our commitments and offer the most sought after IT solutions companies.


With a wealth of skills and experience under one roof, we are happy to offer more than just our practical services. We have a whole plethora of information, support and advice on our Resource page, which is there to help you get the most out of your business. From our blog and monthly newsletters to webinars and training videos – plus a whole lot more in between – you will find the answers you are looking for.

Team and you

With over freelancer team and counting, VijayMishra964 always encourages talents across all sectors. We are assisted by expert IT specialists, designers, developers, writers, sales and marketing associates. Our dedicated freelancer team has helped us to consistently raise the bar in our services. If you think you have the same, meet us.

Enter your query in request a quote form and we will contact you in next 24 hours. Find out how we can boost your business by entering your query in the form below. Contact us

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We’re passionate about helping you find your creative voice. we champion brands and bring them into the spotlight. We leverage your unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps, and deliver the right customers to you. Our team offers unparalleled creative solutions to all of our clients, and is determined to see every job through to its success.


We help businesses tell their story with native content in order to connect with the consumer. Building trust is key in today’s consumer trends and content creation is way of doing it.


We manage all your social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) so you can spend time doing what you do best! We create content that aligns with your brand!


Our focus is to build your audience and reach out to people who would buy your product/service. More exposure = More Leads = More Sales. Let us increase your revenue!


We will be providing you with trackable performance reporting so you can see how much our efforts have increased your businesses’ revenue.


We utilize Facebook and Instagram Advertising to bring your product/service to your next client as easy and cost effective as possible. We can reach 50,000+ people with one campaign.


We will be providing you with trackable performance reporting so you can see how much our efforts have increased your businesses’ revenue.


VijayMishra964 is a social media marketing agency that helps Small businesses to generate more sales through social media.

As a small business, we understand the need to be practical in marketing. We know that whenever you spend money, you want a positive return on investment (ROI). You want to generate leads and sales to grow your company.

As a business owner, it isn’t always easy to manage a website and multiple social media accounts. We understand the importance of focusing on your business. By allowing us to provide you the services and expertise needed to grow your business and increase sales you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about advertising.

We have an ethos of maintaining transparency between client and consultant.

As well as delivering high-performing digital campaigns, we’re committed to educating our clients so that they understand exactly what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and most importantly why we’re doing it. We’re with you every step of the way.

Would you like to learn more about what we do? Check out our portfolio, see who we have worked with, and feel free to get in touch for even more information. We would love to hear from you!

Get in Touch:

Vijay Kumar Mishra
Available 24/7 on phone & Whats app: +919027919860
Skype: Vijaymishra964