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With all of the excitement that comes with starting up a new website, webmasters of ten find themselves missing easy mistakes. It may not seem like a big deal; but these mistakes can cost you dearly in the SERPs “Search Engine Results Page”. So should you meticulously check your site day after day for mistakes? NO. Hiring a reputable firm to perform a Website Audit for you is the best way to save both time and money.

What is a website audit? Quite simply, it is the examination of all aspects of your website and SEO elements by a professional that knows what search engines like Google will be looking for. The site audit does not usually take very long, and the auditing service will soon return with a very detailed report.

You will receive an analysis of all aspects of your website, where your pages are visible in the search engines, and areas that are going to be a problem. In essence, you have received a human version of a website analytics program, which is crucial in an environment where sites like Google are focusing more on the HUMAN experience.

Another hidden benefit of a website audit is that it will reveal where your site is being talked about and linked to online. If you know these sources, you have a direct in to relevant users that can be converted to either list members or direct customers (depending on the purpose of your website). Results will range from social sites like Twitter and Facebook to relevant blogs, websites, and ezines in your niche. All are a great way to get direct traffic back to your own website, and without a site audit you may never know that these sites are interested in you in the first place.

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Link building is defined as the process of creating relevant, inbound links for your website which helps in gaining a higher ranking in the major search engines. Links are regarded by search engines as “votes” for ranking a website; and needless to say, the more “votes” a website has, the better its rankings will be. However, link building doesn’t revolve only around the total number of inbound links a website has but rather the quality that these links have.

The method of link building include several practices which help in ranking your website in the search results. Among the most preferred tactics are:

1. social bookmarking

2. web directory submission

3. article submission

4. guest blogging

5. blog commenting

Quality link building could provide your business up to 600% growth in traffic if done right. However, it is important to know that the process of building quality and relevant inbound links can’t be done overnight. In fact, it could take around a couple of months or so, depending on the levels of competition, for you to reap the benefits of a high ranking in the 1st page.


Where to look for help

While there are a lot of SEO companies online which promise high rankings in the search engines, it is important to know what type of methods they implement in their link-building campaign. You should take note that there are several self-claimed experts which provide unethical and spammy link-building tactics which could only hurt your rankings instead. Among these shady tactics could include:

1. building massive links within a short period of time

2. spamming a lot of forums with your links in the signature

3. engaging in link farms and link exchange

What services we offer

We take pride only in providing quality and ethical link-building practices that will surely establish a better ranking of your website in the search engines. With the latest algorithm updates, we make sure that the links we’ll be building are only from relevant and quality sites in order to avoid your site from being blacklisted from the results pages. Through this, you can enjoy the benefits of a high ranking brought to you by a quality link building service.

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The world of internet marketing has taken new twists and turns every time. After you have designed and developed your website, you need a great marketing strategy to promote it so that more and more audience knows about your business. Since, marketing is among the most important need for any business to flourish, it is important that you get the best tactic to spread your presence online. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is fondly called, is the latest marketing tactic that has been attracting more and more business owners. Let us understand what exactly it is and know the advantages and disadvantages before you take up this method for online marketing.

Whenever you want to search anything on the internet, you go to any famous search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for it wither by typing the relevant question or simply typing a keyword related to your query. These are the keywords that are targeted by SEO. In short, it is a process by which your website will get free and organic traffic by making your website rank top among the popular search engines. There are various ways by which SEO executive does this. It is believed that top ranking means more visitors and hence, the chances of those visitors turning into potential customers are more. With SEO, your website will get more and more visibility through natural means.

The most important source for SEO services is Google. Natural traffic from Google is extremely valuable, since it will lead to better conversion rate. However, there are its own pros and cons. Firstly, let us understand the pros of SEO:

  • Better traffic with natural means that can be counted on daily basis
  • Better branding of your business
  • Easily access for potential customers
  • Long term benefits with better page ranks
  • Can be changed as per your requirement
  • Cheap and the best method

Along with the above advantages, there are various disadvantages of hiring an SEO company for SEO marketing on your website. These disadvantages are:

  • It is a time consuming process. More competition may lead to slow results
  • 100% conversion rates are not necessary
  • It is not necessary that keyword search match your target audience.
  • Restrictions on website design and development
  • Constant change in content, sometimes on daily basis for better ranking.
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Since, websites are the first impression of your company for any potential client. The reason that they will go for your product and service and turn into your client may be decided from your website. It gives you the confidence to go for their services. However, it is very important to design your website in such a way that it provides a proper image of your company and its goals. The World Wide Web is changing everyday and so are the trends of internet marketing. It is necessary to stay up to these changes and redesign your website.

Before you decide to redesigning, make sure that you know about the goals, budget and what is missing on your current website that you want to change. Don’t redesign your website just for the sake of it. Do a proper research and understand what is needed on your website. If you are wondering about other reasons for website redesign, then check this out:

Do Proper Research

This is the first step that should be taken before you decide to redesign your website. This step will provide you a clear glance of why your website needs a redesign and which aspect is needed to be changed. You can research for the latest trends that are ongoing in the market and observe what is missing in yours.

Make It Responsive

Today is the era of responsive website. This means that your website should be designed in such a way that it is able to open up properly on any medium like desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, smart TV, etc. This will surely increase the audience that visit your website and decrease the bounce rate.

Is It SEO Friendly?

SEO is a brand new mechanism to promote your product and service online. However, do you know that your outdated website won’t work for better SEO? You need to redesign it with the help of an affordable website redesign company so that your website not only matches the latest trends but also the latest tactics for better promotion.