The world of internet marketing has taken new twists and turns every time. After you have designed and developed your website, you need a great marketing strategy to promote it so that more and more audience knows about your business. Since, marketing is among the most important need for any business to flourish, it is important that you get the best tactic to spread your presence online. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is fondly called, is the latest marketing tactic that has been attracting more and more business owners. Let us understand what exactly it is and know the advantages and disadvantages before you take up this method for online marketing.

Whenever you want to search anything on the internet, you go to any famous search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for it wither by typing the relevant question or simply typing a keyword related to your query. These are the keywords that are targeted by SEO. In short, it is a process by which your website will get free and organic traffic by making your website rank top among the popular search engines. There are various ways by which SEO executive does this. It is believed that top ranking means more visitors and hence, the chances of those visitors turning into potential customers are more. With SEO, your website will get more and more visibility through natural means.

The most important source for SEO services is Google. Natural traffic from Google is extremely valuable, since it will lead to better conversion rate. However, there are its own pros and cons. Firstly, let us understand the pros of SEO:

  • Better traffic with natural means that can be counted on daily basis
  • Better branding of your business
  • Easily access for potential customers
  • Long term benefits with better page ranks
  • Can be changed as per your requirement
  • Cheap and the best method

Along with the above advantages, there are various disadvantages of hiring an SEO company for SEO marketing on your website. These disadvantages are:

  • It is a time consuming process. More competition may lead to slow results
  • 100% conversion rates are not necessary
  • It is not necessary that keyword search match your target audience.
  • Restrictions on website design and development
  • Constant change in content, sometimes on daily basis for better ranking.

Since, websites are the first impression of your company for any potential client. The reason that they will go for your product and service and turn into your client may be decided from your website. It gives you the confidence to go for their services. However, it is very important to design your website in such a way that it provides a proper image of your company and its goals. The World Wide Web is changing everyday and so are the trends of internet marketing. It is necessary to stay up to these changes and redesign your website.


Before you decide to redesigning, make sure that you know about the goals, budget and what is missing on your current website that you want to change. Don’t redesign your website just for the sake of it. Do a proper research and understand what is needed on your website. If you are wondering about other reasons for website redesign, then check this out:


Do Proper Research


This is the first step that should be taken before you decide to redesign your website. This step will provide you a clear glance of why your website needs a redesign and which aspect is needed to be changed. You can research for the latest trends that are ongoing in the market and observe what is missing in yours.


Make It Responsive


Today is the era of responsive website. This means that your website should be designed in such a way that it is able to open up properly on any medium like desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, smart TV, etc. This will surely increase the audience that visit your website and decrease the bounce rate.


Is It SEO Friendly?


SEO is a brand new mechanism to promote your product and service online. However, do you know that your outdated website won’t work for better SEO? You need to redesign it with the help of an affordable website redesign company so that your website not only matches the latest trends but also the latest tactics for better promotion.


You never know where the technology has driven today. From the internet to websites and now mobile, technology is never stopping. Gone are the days when the business owner tried to make their mark on the internet. Today, there is a brand new market, emerging to showcase your business and get better opportunities. This is the world of mobile and smartphones.

Today, this brand new industry has given a new pathway to the business owners to have a great opportunity to showcase their presence. To do this, along with a mobile website, you also need mobile application development so that user can get access to your business anytime, anywhere. If you are confused about rendering your bet on the mobile application, then check this out.

Business Promotion

While your website is a great way to establish yourself on the internet platform, it has become really important to spread your products and services on the mobile as well. The number of users of mobile and smartphones has been increasing day by day. Many experts believe that mobile app is the future of computing. Therefore, developing an application for your business will be an added advantage.

Budgeting Issues

Many business owners avoid developing a mobile application with the fear of high budget. There is not declining in the fact that it is a costly business. But its results are worth it. However, you can tighten up your budget by suppressing some of the fancy features and limiting the operating system version on which it will work. Contact a professional mobile app design company for better suggestions.

Increase In The Number Of Audience And Visitors

This is the biggest advantages of a mobile application. The access to your products and services become easy and flexible. Hence, the number of visitors and potential customers increases deliberately. An expert mobile application and web design services will help you know additional benefits of this.


In case you want to venture your business on the internet platform, a website is a must for you. Your website should be attractive not only in design, but also easy for the users to use. In case, you are targeting a particular group of audience, then it is compulsory that you get into the needs and requirements of the users and try to grab it into your website, so that there is maximum traffic. More is the traffic, more will be the number of conversions into clients. Therefore, it is necessary that you hire such website development services who are the masters in their fields. Always look out for the following when you are going to hire such company.

Level Of Experience And Expertise

Make sure that the developers, who are in-charge of developing your website, should be well versed with this field. He should be aware of the latest trends of this field and can combine those along with his creativity into your website. Also, he must keep your needs in mind while developing.

Check Their Own Website

The best way to know about a website development company is through their website. Deeply research their website for design, images and links. Their website will give you a brief idea about the company.

What’s Beyond Development?

Make sure that the company knows about internet marketing and develop your website accordingly. Remember the first step towards excellent internet marketing starts within the development phase.

Do They Develop Apps?

Today is the era of smartphones. Therefore, check if they are able to build a website or have connections with a reputed web app development company that can build app for your business.


The field of web development has seen many changes since its inception. There are many trends and techniques, which keep on emerging to enhance the concept of Web Development as a whole. Open Source Development is basically a model that keeps all your product’s design, blueprint and codes open to everyone. This means that it has universal access to your product.

A while ago, sometimes it becomes really difficult for a developer to come up with a unique code that satisfies their requirement. With open source, anybody can access the blueprint and codes and modify it to get a new code. This has led to major development in this field. There are various advantages of opting for this feature for your website development.

Affordable Development Process

With open source, everything that is required for your website development is available for free. This makes it cost you lesser than other method.

More Secure

As the codes and design are available for anyone, therefore, in case of any crisis, anybody can repair the bugs and issues and user doesn’t have to wait. In this way, it provides better security to your website. However, one need to be careful as the internet is filled with infected codes. Therefore, you should always consult an expert developer to work on it.

Open to Customization

As the basics of coding are already available for you through open source, you can experiment and customize it to some new and better.

Better Quality

As thousands of experienced software developers develop the codes and design in Open Source Development, therefore, the quality of open source is better in every aspect, be it its features or products.


Online presence is the need of the hour for any business. If you want your business to notice online by your target audience, then you need to fulfill every requirement that glues your audience to your website, and provokes them to take up your business. The trends of a good website design changes every year. An experienced website design company will be in a better position to let you know the latest developments in this field.

Every business owner designs a website so that it gathers more and more traffic from the target audience. Hence, the potential customers can be converted into clients. If your website fails to gather the required traffic, then all your struggle will go in vain. If you are new to this, then here are the quick tips and tricks that will let you understand the need in your website design for maximum traffic.

Design for every device

For high tech website design and development company, the basic key for maximum traffic on your website is to make it responsive, so that your customer is able to open it on any device. Since the advent of smartphones, the use of desktop and laptop has been limited. Therefore, it is important your presence is evident on smartphones and tablets as well.

Keep It Simple

Gone are the days when the trend of big, flashy websites used to attract audiences. Today is an era of simple and clean websites. Don’t clutter than information in such a way that your audience is not able to find what they are searching for. Use an easy interface and simple navigation for your audience.

Clear And Bigger Images

Today, the audience is more drawn towards high quality images and pictures. If your website has no images, then the customers will find it really boring. You can customize your website, with the help of custom website development experts, and design your website in a way that it has the proper ratio of images as well as content.


SEO, SEO Freelancer

VijayMishra964 provides affordable SEO and search engine marketing services to companies, organizations and individuals that are looking to increase their website traffic and improve their online lead generation process.


It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. We work for ranking up your website on first page of Google. SEO is a time taking process and we work for that on your behalf.Which makes us one of the best seo freelancer in Dehradun India. And therefore we are known as one of the best SEO services provider in India.


SEO is an approach of procedures, systems and strategies used to expand the measure of guests to a website by getting a high-positioning situation in the list items page of an internet searcher, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other web indexes.


What we provide to our client ?


  • Higher Ranking
  • Organic Visibility
  • More Profile
  • Faster Growth
  • Higher Sale


Our SEO Services


  • Website Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Increase Traffic
  • Improve website ranking
  • On page Optimization
  • Off page Optimization
  • Web Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Submission


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SEO, SEO Freelancer

Vijaymishra964 provides the best SEO services dehradun India has to offer because we are committed to nothing less. SEO experts analyze your site and make it SEO friendly to give your site highest ranking in SERP’s.


I’m Vijay Kumar Mishra, a SEO consultant with 6+ years of experience in managing campaigns for clients across industries. Having polished my skills working for some of the best digital agencies in India, I have turned a full-time SEO constant offering personalized SEO services to small and large clients all over the world.


If you’re tired of search engine optimization companies that constantly under-deliver and ask you to stay put, you will find us to be a welcome change. We employ the most up-to-date SEO tactics that are in-sync with the latest Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin.


Our Search Engine Optimization will Bring Down Your Bounce Rates Don’t you want your customers to spend more time on your website? This is never possible when your content fails to hold the attention of your potential buyers. We bring you a great SEO content strategy that comprises of great articles, engaging videos, visually pleasing graphics, knowledge-filled info-graphs, and other proven strategies. Also, we ensure that your great content is noticed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo through intelligent content formatting.


We make use of the latest SEO practices such as:


  • Scientific keyword analysis
  • Use of long-tail keywords
  • Using content to reduce your bounce rate
  • Getting organic links from high-authority websites
  • Periodic link audits
  • Clearing bad link neighborhoods
  • Creation and maintenance of accounts in Google Analytics, Webmasters, Merchant Center, and Ad-words
  • Clearing preexisting penalties laid by Google Panda or Penguin


Our approach towards local and international SEO services completely differs from each other. For result-oriented search optimization of your Corporate, get in touch with us right away.


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SEO Freelancer

I am an SEO consultant | SEO Expert | SEO Specialist Freelancer in Dehradun India with over 6+ years exerpience. I’m dedicated and driven SEO/SEM specialist with extensive experience a large number of web optimization project. I have 6+ years online experience and work as an SEO and online marketing consultant, My thirst to learn new things and genuine enthusiasm for all things technical has provided me with a vast range of skills including SEO, social media, link building, internet marketing and online reputation management.


My ultimate goal is to link search engine marketing, social media, and online businesses to meet the client’s goal. I strive hard to bring your company’s ranking in Google on number 1 page. If you are reading this page and looking for SEO services, then without any doubt you need the services of freelance SEO professionals. But first things first, you should know what exactly you want to SEO to do with your business. Looking for a Reliable SEO Freelancer in India, Or Abroad countries, who specializes in offering natural & Ethical Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services to valued customers like you?


VijayMishra964 provides the best SEO services India has to offer by employing proven strategies and techniques that deliver exceptional results. By staying on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving world of online marketing, our dedicated team has established itself as the best SEO service provider in India. It is our mission to provide our clients with the expertise necessary to boost their reach, visibility and organic search rankings on engines such as Google and Yahoo. We meet or exceed client goals by working directly with them to identify target audiences so that we can develop and deploy strategies that produce results.


Vijaymishra964 believes in building long-term relationships with the clients and the capable partners. We work with an ultimate goal of client satisfaction based on quality, consistency and reliability.


    • Provide maximum returns to clients on their investments
    • Help clients achieve their online goals in any time zone
    • Commit to drive results without compromising integrity

VijayMishra964 is SEO Freelancer in Dehradun India which provides SEO/SMO services in india and abroad also by which increase traffic to websites. SEO Freelancer is offering SEO/SMO services for its clients and best SMO Services in Dehradun India.I hope to hear SEO services from you and work with you soon!


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SEO, SEO Freelancer

SEO Self-employed person Expertise


Present a total selection of products and services that not merely improve your web site’s profile and search engine ranking but probably rise how many prospects earned simply by to the site with respect to small business growth. Each of our service could be frequently delivered while on post SEO, away web site SEO, plus PPC marketing. Since a dependable SEO expertise associate, a number of us purely caught up by vibrant content label SEO routines only. We don’t engage in any dishonest SEO results – also called brown loath SEO – which often get their internet site blacklisted simply by Google.


In Website page SEO Assistance


You look at helping to make design and style and even subject material from your site way more web engine friendly. You could rent all of us involving SEO specialists so that you can assess a distinction tags, meta tags together with descriptions, key phrases, titles, content building etc. You can easlily earn your main sites much more focused to get The search engines and produce options available on the internet web pages for use on your tourists to interact and even engage Apart Webpage SEO Products All of us also provide down article SEO services. Within much of our electronic selling support, you perform backlink building, public marketing internet marketing, in addition to cultural bookmarking for the clients. All of us benefit some of our people attain more referral backlinks for you to the website to help you outrank his or her’s competitors. Most people determine dedicated methods to assist you to operate on interpersonal press techniques which can be personalized for him or her not to mention his or her requirements.


Friendly Media Internet marketing


Tweet, Tweet, Just like, Including – Have the ones emerging in alongside the community media channels marketing and advertising service. Receive an SMM issuer want SEO Freelancer on for making community storage devices promoting and advertising approaches for other online growing media platforms. Understand it properly on the subject of ethnical mass media with the help of Vijaymishra964. Targeted Societal Press Advertisments Identify the correct version of crowd and also understand its behaviour patterns. Developed your content and articles diary as well as repurpose established information in making useful messages. Apply the particular offer-satiator psychology. Design are just looking for battle map. Create generate advertisments so that you can gradually alter directs within eligible home business deals.


Advertisments who Drive ROI Come up with almost every subject matter measurable. Schedule your societal newspaper and tv marketing and advertising budget. Best suited your selling monetary funds dependant on focus about campaigns. Look at the ROI built from campaigns. Create a technique to maximize the ROI as a result of bucks spent on the internet online marketing and sociable new media marketing.


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Name– Vijay Kumar Mishra

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Skype Id- VijayMishra964