SEM, or “Search Engine Marketing”, is a form of internet marketing which is used to gain more traffic or visibility from the search engines by combining the process of SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click advertising). The process of SEM revolves around two areas:


-gaining traffic through SEO;

-and gaining traffic through paid advertising.


While the results of an effective SEO and PPC campaign appear on the same page of the results pages, the processes involved are different from each other. Specifically, SEO revolves around optimizing your website and figuring out the right set of keywords people will use when looking for your products and/or services. SEM on the other hand, is about paying the search engines so that your site will appear as a sponsored listing in the ads that appear on top of a results page.


What makes SEM or PPC important for your growing business?


No matter how great your products or services are, if people can’t find it, you will surely make no sales or profits at all. While you invest time and money for a SEO expert to get rankings for your website, a PPC campaign can typically draw in massive traffic to your site than an organic SEO does. Depending upon how extensive your campaign is, it could only take a matter of hours, days or weeks for your website traffic to spike up. Through an effective PPC campaign, you could boost up your conversion rates by up to 15%!


What’s the best action to take?


Studies have revealed that a PPC campaign in Google AdWords works best when paired up with SEO rather than doing PPC or SEO alone. By adding up an organic SEO strategy to your current PPC campaign, you could be able to increase the total number of clicks to your site by 25% and yield up profits up to 27% higher than SEO alone.


Through our effective SEM analysis and PPC marketing tactics, we can spike up your web traffic and help you gain an increase in sales in the quickest means possible. By choosing only the most profitable keywords with the most affordable rates, increasing click-through rates and traffic to your website will surely be attainable.


What is SEO? SEO – “Search Engine Optimization”, is basically the process of optimizing your website to be able to gain free and organic traffic right from search engines such as Google. This method has been proven to be one of the most effective for increasing the total number of visits that a site could receive, thus enabling it to attract more sales and revenue in the run. The process of SEO involves several aspects, mainly from the very content and structure of your sites to the way other sites link to your site online.

Most of the traffic in the web are driven by major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since a lot of people use search engines to look for information, whether looking for a product, facts and details, or simply entertainment, it is important to know that traffic through SEO is a great opportunity any website owner should never miss.

By opting to our SEO solution, getting the traffic you’ve long desired will be surely attainable. We will basically deal with the complex processes involved within SEO which are as follows:

1. Website Audit
2. Onpage Optimization
3. Keyword Research
4. Content SEO Strategy
5. Link Building
6. Submission

The world of SEO is complex, and you just can’t stick to a single method if you want to keep your rankings on a safe spot. That is why, doing all the aforementioned SEO tactics in one is the best option we find in taking your website to the top rankings.

Also, the world of SEO is constantly changing and that is why, in compliance with the latest algorithm updates by Google, which has greatly changed the current rankings of a lot of existing websites, we strive only to offer SEO white hat services as a means of preventing your site from being blacklisted.

Getting your site on the 1st page entitles you to a stream of traffic. In fact, 95% of all the clicks on the search engine results pages are done in the 1st page. And by sitting on the 1st spot, you are entitling your website to receive around 45% of the overall clicks alone. Given these statistics, it would be a great potential for exposing your website to a huge number of individuals. So why settle for less when you can get more, through SEO alone.


Your web content is one of the most important things for SEO. As the saying “Content is King” goes, placing quality web content within your site and formulating an effective content strategy serves as a major ranking factor for your site in the result pages. Considering the fact that major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing favor websites having quality and unique contents, incorporating website text that are in line with the latest quality standards set by Google will surely give you the winning edge over the competition.

Investing in the creation of unique and high quality contents is really essential for SEO and even goes as far as producing the best possible user experience for your visitors. Along with the recent updates by the major search engines, it has been shown that formulating an effective content strategy carries great weight over the visibility of your site in the SERPs – “Search Engine Results Pages”. According to a reliable data source, 76% of all the SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation; and 90% of them find it to be very effective.

The great benefits of an effective content strategy don’t end up with SEO alone. It includes benefits beyond the rankings which are as follows:

1. It establishes better branding. 50% of all consumers online are more likely to click on a result once they see the brand several times in the results pages.

2. Contents help in augmenting conversion rates. 61% of the online consumers are more likely to make a purchase from businesses having custom contents. In short, a quality content page greatly influences a consumer’s spending decisions.

Why should you invest in content creation?

Since content contributes to the overall success of your website, investing in content creation is the best step for you to take. Large and small-scale companies are already enjoying the benefits of an effective content strategy, and you wouldn’t want to miss it as well.

With our proven content creation services, you can be rest assured that unique and high quality contents will all be yours for the taking. We provide quality content creation services from blog posts, authority articles, and optimized contents to press releases.

Don’t go looking around for more when the opportunity is already sitting right in front of you. Invest in content creation now, and obtain the great benefits it could surely offer you.


Using the right choice of keywords is one of the most essential search engine ranking factors that you have to consider. Since keywords are mostly found within your website contents, or perhaps around your meta tags, e.g. meta title and meta description, it is very important to know which keywords to choose as part of your promotion campaign.

Where are keywords used?

Keywords are almost found anywhere. Usually, they are found within the most important pages of your website and are also incorporated within your website’s meta title and meta description. Since these are the ones which usually come up in the search result pages, it is very important to know which keywords to choose for your promotion campaign.

How are the best keywords determined?

There are a lot of keyword selection tools available in determining the best keywords for your site. Among the most popular of them is the free Google Keyword tool from Google itself. By taking yourself into the mindset of your possible customers/viewers, you will have to think of the various keywords which they might possibly search in looking for your website.

In choosing a keyword, the best practice is to choose not just one but several keywords which relate to your website. If your website talks about “dog foods”, then the best practice would be to choose such keywords like:

best dog foods
cheap dog foods for sale
buy dog foods online
nutritious dog foods for sale

We call these keyword choices as long tailed keywords. Usually, such keywords have minimal traffic; however they are targeted to the ones who are looking for your site thus giving you not just targeted traffic, but higher chances of earning sales as well.

Where to look for help?

Choosing the right keywords has a lot of key factors to consider. You can’t just choose a keyword because it has high monthly searches as indicated in the keyword selection tool. There are factors like the current competition, your current competitors, profitability and more which should be considered. Looking for an expert SEO firm such as SEO Website will be your first step forward.

Through comprehensive analysis and thorough evaluation of your site, we will be able to pick out just the right keywords for you. Gain rankings now, and become the leader in your niche through our effective keyword research solutions.


SEO, SEO Freelancer

Establishing an online presence is not a one-night process. Before you can start getting exposure on the web, you have to consider those critical factors which are very essential in creating your own website. For that, you need to call for the services of a company which offers a complete package for your overall online exposure.

What services should you seek?

Looking for only a single service is already an old idea. Nowadays, the online market gets more and more competitive, and resorting to multiple services is the best action to take. When planning to establish your own website, you have to consider the following services:

1. SEO(search engine optimization)
2. SEM(search engine marketing)
3. Web Audit/Analytics
4. Web design and development
5. Directory submissions
6. Web content generation
7. Press release
8. Linkbuilding
9. Keyword research

Which company should you choose?

There are a lot of web companies which can help you in establishing your online exposure. However, you have to choose a reliable one which offers you not only a complete package but the most reasonable prices as well.

Why choose us?

As the online competition gets tougher, online presence gets more important. We at SEO Freelancer (VijayMishra964) strives hard and offer only the best services to make sure that your needs are all catered. With our team of professional web designers and developers, SEO experts, graphic artists, well-versed writers and topnotch marketers, we will surely make all your dreams turn into a reality and pave your way to success.

Here at SEO Freelancer (VijayMishra964), we:

-ensure that your needs for a quality and innovative web design and layout are meet, and the design services we offer are in compliance with the ethical guidelines for your business.

-are equipped with an experienced and professional team which delivers quality and innovative concepts for your website design along with the needs for your website promotion.

-offer affordable prices which are surely suitable for your spending budget.

If you are a startup or a small business owner looking for some online exposure, we greatly understand that you have to face a very important decision. By simply choosing us to carry out all your needs, you get to benefit from all of the quality and stellar works that we are made to provide.


Most website owners often think that their online marketing strategy should be carried out by a single practice or the other. Especially when it comes to SEM and SEO, they only implement either SEO or SEM tactics in their campaign without even knowing the fact that these two effective strategies work out best if done together.

Focusing only on a single strategy to establish an online presence is an old idea. Nowadays, implementing a synergistic strategy using both SEO and SEM is what works and is an effective means towards covering each other’s weaknesses.

Let’s put it this way. While a single strategy could offer beneficial results, implementing both of them could greatly increase your ROI and even your conversion rates as well. About 55-65% of the internet users who are doing a particular search are more likely to click on the organic listings, while 35-45% will click on the paid results.

These organic results are brought about by implementing SEO while the paid listings are through SEM efforts. To know more about the benefits of a combined SEO and SEM strategy, please take a look at the following:

1. A stronger online presence

While SEO is effective in ranking long tailed keywords, it could be very difficult to rank for high volume generic ones. This is where paid listings enter the picture. By including several generic keywords in your SEM strategy, you could be able to gain traffic from Google’s search results right away.

2. Targeting specific audience

If you are looking for specific keywords but don’t have the time to create contents for them, then you should look further than PPC or SEM itself. By implementing a PPC campaign, you could be able to increase your site traffic even if you haven’t created contents for them or aren’t planning to do so.

3. Cost savings through SEO

While it is inevitable that a PPC campaign could cost a lot per click from keywords having high search volumes but don’t offer high conversion rates, combining a SEO white hat strategy will surely help you save costs. Rather than spending huge budget on several keywords, you could spend it instead in a SEO campaign which yields the same but organic results, yet with a lesser cost.

Using both search engine optimization and search engine marketing in a blended strategy offers a well-rounded marketing presence and will drive an enhanced site traffic in return. So if you are still wondering which website solution strategy you should implement in your campaign, then considering both SEO and SEM practices will be the best choice.


Submitting your website to various website directories might be an old technique, but it still bears a great weight to your SEO strategies. In fact, website submission is one of the most effective means of initial marketing strategies to be implemented for your website. Other than that, submission of your website to these directories is very affordable and a great time saver.

What exactly is web directory submission?

It is the process of submitting your website’s URL towards various website directories online. These are directories on the web which contain listings of links pointing to various websites all over the internet. Websites submitted in these directories are listed based upon their specific categories and subcategories.

Benefits of submitting your website to web directories

There are a lot of known benefits of web directory submission. First and foremost, web directory submissions enable you to receive high quality one-way links for your website.

Other known benefits include:

-greater exposure of your website to thousands of visitors
-affordable and even free submissions
-better indexing of your website in the search engines
-targeted traffic towards your website

What to look for when submitting your website?

Lots of webmasters who are not taking considerations upon submitting their websites which make them unable to enjoy its benefits. The biggest mistake they commit is when they failed to incorporate the title and description of their websites upon submission. Because of this, they are left wondering why they haven’t been able to see the great benefits that web directory submission could offer.

There are a lot of free web directories wherein you could be able to include your website without any cost. Among the most popular websites for free inclusion are Open Directory and DMOZ. These human-edited directories have strict standards when submitting your links, yet it offers you a great potential for huge traffic once your listing has been approved.


With all of the excitement that comes with starting up a new website, webmasters of ten find themselves missing easy mistakes. It may not seem like a big deal; but these mistakes can cost you dearly in the SERPs “Search Engine Results Page”. So should you meticulously check your site day after day for mistakes? NO. Hiring a reputable firm to perform a Website Audit for you is the best way to save both time and money.

What is a website audit? Quite simply, it is the examination of all aspects of your website and SEO elements by a professional that knows what search engines like Google will be looking for. The site audit does not usually take very long, and the auditing service will soon return with a very detailed report.

You will receive an analysis of all aspects of your website, where your pages are visible in the search engines, and areas that are going to be a problem. In essence, you have received a human version of a website analytics program, which is crucial in an environment where sites like Google are focusing more on the HUMAN experience.

Another hidden benefit of a website audit is that it will reveal where your site is being talked about and linked to online. If you know these sources, you have a direct in to relevant users that can be converted to either list members or direct customers (depending on the purpose of your website). Results will range from social sites like Twitter and Facebook to relevant blogs, websites, and ezines in your niche. All are a great way to get direct traffic back to your own website, and without a site audit you may never know that these sites are interested in you in the first place.


Link building is defined as the process of creating relevant, inbound links for your website which helps in gaining a higher ranking in the major search engines. Links are regarded by search engines as “votes” for ranking a website; and needless to say, the more “votes” a website has, the better its rankings will be. However, link building doesn’t revolve only around the total number of inbound links a website has but rather the quality that these links have.

The method of link building include several practices which help in ranking your website in the search results. Among the most preferred tactics are:

1. social bookmarking

2. web directory submission

3. article submission

4. guest blogging

5. blog commenting

Quality link building could provide your business up to 600% growth in traffic if done right. However, it is important to know that the process of building quality and relevant inbound links can’t be done overnight. In fact, it could take around a couple of months or so, depending on the levels of competition, for you to reap the benefits of a high ranking in the 1st page.


Where to look for help

While there are a lot of SEO companies online which promise high rankings in the search engines, it is important to know what type of methods they implement in their link-building campaign. You should take note that there are several self-claimed experts which provide unethical and spammy link-building tactics which could only hurt your rankings instead. Among these shady tactics could include:

1. building massive links within a short period of time

2. spamming a lot of forums with your links in the signature

3. engaging in link farms and link exchange

What services we offer

We take pride only in providing quality and ethical link-building practices that will surely establish a better ranking of your website in the search engines. With the latest algorithm updates, we make sure that the links we’ll be building are only from relevant and quality sites in order to avoid your site from being blacklisted from the results pages. Through this, you can enjoy the benefits of a high ranking brought to you by a quality link building service.


The world of internet marketing has taken new twists and turns every time. After you have designed and developed your website, you need a great marketing strategy to promote it so that more and more audience knows about your business. Since, marketing is among the most important need for any business to flourish, it is important that you get the best tactic to spread your presence online. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is fondly called, is the latest marketing tactic that has been attracting more and more business owners. Let us understand what exactly it is and know the advantages and disadvantages before you take up this method for online marketing.

Whenever you want to search anything on the internet, you go to any famous search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for it wither by typing the relevant question or simply typing a keyword related to your query. These are the keywords that are targeted by SEO. In short, it is a process by which your website will get free and organic traffic by making your website rank top among the popular search engines. There are various ways by which SEO executive does this. It is believed that top ranking means more visitors and hence, the chances of those visitors turning into potential customers are more. With SEO, your website will get more and more visibility through natural means.

The most important source for SEO services is Google. Natural traffic from Google is extremely valuable, since it will lead to better conversion rate. However, there are its own pros and cons. Firstly, let us understand the pros of SEO:

  • Better traffic with natural means that can be counted on daily basis
  • Better branding of your business
  • Easily access for potential customers
  • Long term benefits with better page ranks
  • Can be changed as per your requirement
  • Cheap and the best method

Along with the above advantages, there are various disadvantages of hiring an SEO company for SEO marketing on your website. These disadvantages are:

  • It is a time consuming process. More competition may lead to slow results
  • 100% conversion rates are not necessary
  • It is not necessary that keyword search match your target audience.
  • Restrictions on website design and development
  • Constant change in content, sometimes on daily basis for better ranking.