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Most website owners often think that their online marketing strategy should be carried out by a single practice or the other. Especially when it comes to SEM and SEO, they only implement either SEO or SEM tactics in their campaign without even knowing the fact that these two effective strategies work out best if done together.

 Focusing only on a single strategy to establish an online presence is an old idea. Nowadays, implementing a synergistic strategy using both SEO and SEM is what works and is an effective means towards covering each other’s weaknesses.

Let’s put it this way. While a single strategy could offer beneficial results, implementing both of them could greatly increase your ROI and even your conversion rates as well. About 55-65% of the internet users who are doing a particular search are more likely to click on the organic listings, while 35-45% will click on the paid results.

These organic results are brought about by implementing SEO while the paid listings are through SEM efforts. To know more about the benefits of a combined SEO and SEM strategy, please take a look at the following:

1. A stronger online presence

While SEO is effective in ranking long tailed keywords, it could be very difficult to rank for high volume generic ones. This is where paid listings enter the picture. By including several generic keywords in your SEM strategy, you could be able to gain traffic from Google’s search results right away.

2. Targeting specific audience

If you are looking for specific keywords but don’t have the time to create contents for them, then you should look further than PPC or SEM itself. By implementing a PPC campaign, you could be able to increase your site traffic even if you haven’t created contents for them or aren’t planning to do so.

3. Cost savings through SEO

While it is inevitable that a PPC campaign could cost a lot per click from keywords having high search volumes but don’t offer high conversion rates, combining a SEO white hat strategy will surely help you save costs. Rather than spending huge budget on several keywords, you could spend it instead in a SEO campaign which yields the same but organic results, yet with a lesser cost.

Using both search engine optimization and search engine marketing in a blended strategy offers a well-rounded marketing presence and will drive an enhanced site traffic in return. So if you are still wondering which website solution strategy you should implement in your campaign, then considering both SEO and SEM practices will be the best choice.

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