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Hi, my name is Vijay Kumar Mishra. I am an SEO consultant & search engine optimization expert from Dehradun with more than 5+ years of experience serving more than 50 small business to medium scale business worldwide.

I have expertise in white Hat ON Page Search engine optimization & Off Page Search engine to make your website 100% eligible to rank on search engines.My on-page SEO Expertise and Local SEO services can help you get maximum results from your website.

If you are looking to hire Freelance SEO Expert or SEO Consultant for your business or personal website. I can help you with my SEO consulting services that can bring your website in top ranks.

Digital Marketing Consultant Freelance SEO Expert Internet marketing Expert Video Marketing Consultant WordPress Website Developer Inbound Marketing Consultant Personal Virtual Assistant Virtual Employee.

I started with blogging on WordPress for the promotion of my tech blog, while doing the promotion on a blog, I learned about website designing & development, I learned about online marketing, affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Optimization (SMO). I found these very interesting for me and I started to work on these as a freelance SEO consultant . Once being just a hobby, Internet marketing has become my passionate job and full time occupation. I’ve also been freelancing for quite some time now, that gave me lots of insights into how organizations work and how people use websites.

I work as a digital marketing consultant , Inbound Marketing & SEO expert from India and has worked on digital marketing and SEO projects with several major brands. As being a Digital marketing expert and Inbound marketing consultant, I help clients by providing them full digital marketing services including SEO Services, Content Writing, Web design & development & Video Production.

I am multiple-passionate & introverted personality type. I am passionate about learning new things. I like to learn new things and to work on new ideas by taking new initiatives. On this website, I will try to share as much as possible with you. I am always open to ideas and suggestion.Please send your enquiry using this form.

Name– Vijay Kumar Mishra
Email Id-
Mobile No. +919027919860
Skype Id- VijayMishra964

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