You can have the most beautiful website on the internet, professionally designed by the web development company India, but if you cannot get conversions to visitors, it would be a waste.

Here is a list of 20 proven strategies to increase website conversion rate of your site.

  1. Include minimal fields in the email opt-in form. This increases the conversion rate by 11% instantly.
  2. Use guarantees to build reputation.
  3. Use tangible and immediate action verbs like ‘hurry’, ‘grab’, ‘reserve’, etc.
  4. Use testimonials to establish credibility and authenticity.
  5. Make the benefits of your product or service apparent and clear at first glance on the website. Don’t make the user look for the positive.
  6. Be careful about phrasing your headline. With the right keywords, you can have more visibility with minimal effort.
  7. Ensure that all conversion elements like opt-in forms and more remain above the fold for better conversion.
  8. Humanize your business or brand by using a video to establish an instant human connection.
  9. Design proper landing pages for any Google Adwords Services or pay-per-click ads you use, to ensure the most results. If you can’t do the ads yourself, hire a good Adwords marketing company.
  10. Reduce risks and boost credibility by adding subscriber list or social media channels.conversion-rate
  11. Guide your visitors on exactly what you would like them to do next by including strong calls to action (CTAs) on the content on your site.
  12. Keep the visitors engaged by recommending related links.
  13. Use high-quality, professional images. Using low-quality stock photos can send a bad visual message about your brand.
  14. Write clear, steady content for your website without the frills and the hype.
  15. Different colours perform differently. So test your brand colors, and keep it uniform through all pages to embed your site in the visual memory.
  16. Use a single column layout as research shows there is 681% increase in conversions with that.
  17. Have a clear value proposition about what’s special about your brand and how it’s distinct from the competition.
  18. Use less links and more CTA buttons to not distract your visitors.
  19. Use a privacy statement in your opt-in forms as it greatly impacts your email conversion.
  20. Tell a story and get your visitors excited about being on your website.

If you don’t yet have a website, I would suggest getting one designed by a good website development company in India

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