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SEO Freelancer India is the best Indian SEO freelancing for organic SEO services at affordable prices. Enjoy top ranks, traffic & visibility for your website. Search engine optimisation is about the visibility of your website to your potential customers on WWW i.e. World Wide Web. It helps create awareness about your business, brand and the services you provide.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a procedure to boost a website’s ranking in diverse search engines organically or naturally by incorporating various types of search engine friendly features in a particular website. This process is mainly utilized to get more & more customers online. When a user search for a particular product in a search engine, the outcome will be shown based on the type of SEO done on that website. So if you want to get more potential customers via the internet, then you require SEO for your site.

There are two types of SEO – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White hat SEO is based on methods and techniques that improve the rankings in search engine of a website and are designed based on the guidelines of search engines (primarily Google). Black Hat SEO will actually exploit the weaknesses found in the search engine algorithm to get high rankings for any particular website. Such methods and techniques are not compatible with the guidelines of search engine.


It helps in improving the page visibility of a website in search engine. The main search engines are Yahoo, Bing and Google. If we desire to get more customers via the internet means you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Now more than 95% of people are using the internet to get all the required information through various search engines. Hence, SEO has become a valuable part and parcel of every business. It aims at developing our company and helps in getting more customers online.

Vijay Kumar Mishra is an enthusiast SEO Expert in Dehradun India who has an experience of more than 5+ years. His specialization in SEO, SMO, Link Building and Internet Marketing. His ultimate goal is to link search engine marketing, social media, and online businesses to meet the client’s goal.

Name– Vijay Kumar Mishra
Email Id-
Mobile No. +919027919860
Skype Id- VijayMishra964

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