As of now we know what is SEO and what is meant by the phrase “SEO in India”. But haven’t you ever thought that.. “If there is a huge profit to the websites ranking number 1 in the search results and there is a huge competition in this field, then how Google or any search Engine viz. Safari, Mozilla,Yahoo etc. Classify a page and how these search engine differs between different locations ?”

Means if you are in India and search for any word(normally keyword) on any Search Engine then the ranking of the same website is different than when you search the same query in United States or any other country. The reason behind this cause is the main reason of doing a different case study in India for SEO which is phrased as SEO in India. Let’s understand this one by one in the sequence.

First of all let’s think about it how Google or any other search engine classify which page to show at the top as it really matters to be at the top place; then if you searched for “Best laptop under 30000” then Google all the available pages with the Title matching with “Best laptop under 30000”, the result or website which has the maximum matching title with the searched keyword [i.e. “Best laptop under 30000” in this case] has the high chances to show up in the search result. Then Google searches for the content inside the particular website if there are the most matching keyword inside the content then the chances of that particular website is high enough to show up at the search results.

But let me tell you one thing clearly here that there are no any particular designed way to choose to be at the top in any search result it only comes through experience. Because Google has its most secret and advanced Algorithm to choose the odd out of many; so no one can become SEO Expert in just a day or two it requires to pass a tough competition of Relevancy, Advancement, Originality and a little Experience in this field.

Now coming to the second and main part that “Why these results differ from Location to Location Time to Time etc.” and what required us to do a different case study about SEO in India. Then for this let we again discuss it with an example : suppose “your old phone is not working and you have a budget of around 10000 for a new phone” then what you will do normally is go to Google and search there “Best phones under 10000 in India” then the main story starts here..

Have you ever seen that there are websites ending with the “.com” suffix and there are some websites ending with “.in” suffix. The websites ending with “.in” suffix are now at a higher level of profit in this search because the suffix “.in” focuses mainly and completely on India or hence mainly at Indian Market. So by this the websites having this type of extension are having high chances of coming at the Top because they are mainly focusing on Indians. We can also say that they have created a different stream for us to do a different case study of SEO phrased as SEO in India.

At the end I just want to say that it is not a small topic or a small field which has a limited theory or subjects that by studying them you will become master in the SEO or in any particular case like SEO in India. It is updating regularly, daily on every second as the technology is increasing our reach to the last person of the Globe is also increasing hence competition is increasing and hence studies are made and will be made in future too….

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