If we turn around (I mean towards past) in India then Five Years ago, well to be a little bit clear till 2014 the data services or the charges for surfing on the Internet (so called World Wide Web or WWW) were really very high. Even everyone was paying a total of 4-5 times money as they are paying now for a monthly Data pack in India. After the launch of Reliance JIO in India it really made very easy for everyone’s pocket to search anything from their comfort i.e. if you want to either buy a suit-pant for any marriage or want to see the best place in the World to enjoy your summers, you can easily search the Google or any search Engine for your Query and then you are in the Fish-pot of the links(links like a fish) floating here and there waiting for you as their adoring.

But did you know as the process to surf on the web was becoming easy day by day in India, it gave birth to a New, Fast-Growing and High-Competitive Market called “SEO” in India. If we keep aside this four year growth case of SEO in India and keep our focus on the time before it then we will find that there wasn’t that much competition in this field as the competitors had the reach of less people which directly reflects to “less money”.

Do you know which market am I talking about and what is it?

It is SEO means Search Engine Optimization but as the India is now the fastest growing hub of this market so our main focus will be SEO in India. Let we get into some of its details with some real life examples and know what this market is all about. Lets take two different cases..

As this is the month of July and we know that according to the Indian Culture there is an upcoming great Indian Fest. Rakshabandhan in the month of August. Suppose you are a kind brother to your sweet sister and you wanna gift her anything on this upcoming great fest but you are confused what to do with it? How to deal this situation then normally what will you do is you will go to the Google/Mozzila or any search engine and type “Best gift for Rakshabandhan”. There you will see that Google loads a several of links to different websites/Blogs and you normally click the first website out there. Though you are not the single person to do so. Most of us normally do the same when we are in search of any result.

Let’s take the another example, as this is the college season and you wanna buy a Laptop for your new class and suppose if coding is your major, then what you will do is again you will go to the Google, type there “Best Laptops for Coding” and again you will click on the First Link there (either going to a website or any article). And once again you are not the single person to do so.

So have you ever thought about this, how much traffic that first placed website generates with in a day or within a month or within a year, you will find that the graph and the data is increasing and it will remain doing so; due to following points regarding our example.

 Rakshabandhan comes every year.
 College takes new admissions every year.

So think that the Owner/Moderator of that website can take any amount of money for Advertisements of different products and services and he/she will really get 2-3 times more money compared to those second or below placed websites as it have more number of visitors on its link.

As Google is a Search Engine and your search results were optimised by Google so this is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO and as India is the fastest growing Hub in the World so this was our study about SEO in India.

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