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The world of internet marketing has taken new twists and turns every time. After you have designed and developed your website, you need a great marketing strategy to promote it so that more and more audience knows about your business. Since, marketing is among the most important need for any business to flourish, it is important that you get the best tactic to spread your presence online. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is fondly called, is the latest marketing tactic that has been attracting more and more business owners. Let us understand what exactly it is and know the advantages and disadvantages before you take up this method for online marketing.

Whenever you want to search anything on the internet, you go to any famous search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo and search for it wither by typing the relevant question or simply typing a keyword related to your query. These are the keywords that are targeted by SEO. In short, it is a process by which your website will get free and organic traffic by making your website rank top among the popular search engines. There are various ways by which SEO executive does this. It is believed that top ranking means more visitors and hence, the chances of those visitors turning into potential customers are more. With SEO, your website will get more and more visibility through natural means.

The most important source for SEO services is Google. Natural traffic from Google is extremely valuable, since it will lead to better conversion rate. However, there are its own pros and cons. Firstly, let us understand the pros of SEO:

  • Better traffic with natural means that can be counted on daily basis
  • Better branding of your business
  • Easily access for potential customers
  • Long term benefits with better page ranks
  • Can be changed as per your requirement
  • Cheap and the best method

Along with the above advantages, there are various disadvantages of hiring an SEO company for SEO marketing on your website. These disadvantages are:

  • It is a time consuming process. More competition may lead to slow results
  • 100% conversion rates are not necessary
  • It is not necessary that keyword search match your target audience.
  • Restrictions on website design and development
  • Constant change in content, sometimes on daily basis for better ranking.
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