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With all of the excitement that comes with starting up a new website, webmasters of ten find themselves missing easy mistakes. It may not seem like a big deal; but these mistakes can cost you dearly in the SERPs “Search Engine Results Page”. So should you meticulously check your site day after day for mistakes? NO. Hiring a reputable firm to perform a Website Audit for you is the best way to save both time and money.

What is a website audit? Quite simply, it is the examination of all aspects of your website and SEO elements by a professional that knows what search engines like Google will be looking for. The site audit does not usually take very long, and the auditing service will soon return with a very detailed report.

You will receive an analysis of all aspects of your website, where your pages are visible in the search engines, and areas that are going to be a problem. In essence, you have received a human version of a website analytics program, which is crucial in an environment where sites like Google are focusing more on the HUMAN experience.

Another hidden benefit of a website audit is that it will reveal where your site is being talked about and linked to online. If you know these sources, you have a direct in to relevant users that can be converted to either list members or direct customers (depending on the purpose of your website). Results will range from social sites like Twitter and Facebook to relevant blogs, websites, and ezines in your niche. All are a great way to get direct traffic back to your own website, and without a site audit you may never know that these sites are interested in you in the first place.

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