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Submitting your website to various website directories might be an old technique, but it still bears a great weight to your SEO strategies. In fact, website submission is one of the most effective means of initial marketing strategies to be implemented for your website. Other than that, submission of your website to these directories is very affordable and a great time saver.

What exactly is web directory submission?

It is the process of submitting your website’s URL towards various website directories online. These are directories on the web which contain listings of links pointing to various websites all over the internet. Websites submitted in these directories are listed based upon their specific categories and subcategories.

Benefits of submitting your website to web directories

There are a lot of known benefits of web directory submission. First and foremost, web directory submissions enable you to receive high quality one-way links for your website.

Other known benefits include:

  • greater exposure of your website to thousands of visitors
  • affordable and even free submissions
  • better indexing of your website in the search engines
  • targeted traffic towards your website

What to look for when submitting your website?

Lots of webmasters who are not taking considerations upon submitting their websites which make them unable to enjoy its benefits. The biggest mistake they commit is when they failed to incorporate the title and description of their websites upon submission. Because of this, they are left wondering why they haven’t been able to see the great benefits that web directory submission could offer.

There are a lot of free web directories wherein you could be able to include your website without any cost. Among the most popular websites for free inclusion are Open Directory and DMOZ. These human-edited directories have strict standards when submitting your links, yet it offers you a great potential for huge traffic once your listing has been approved.

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