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Vijay Kumar Mishra is an enthusiast SEO Expert in Dehradun India who has an experience of more than 5+ years. His specialization in SEO, SMO, Link Building and Internet Marketing. His ultimate goal is to link search engine marketing, social media, and online businesses to meet the client’s goal.

SEO is the backbone of the online internet marketing nowadays. If you have a business website and willing to grow your business then you cannot ignore the organic search engine traffic via Google, Bing etc. But the real problem is to find a person who can successfully run your SEO campaign and can actually deliver your TOP results and traffic. In this post, I will highlight some core areas which will help you decide the SEO Freelancer you should choose for your business website.

VijayMishra964 is digital marketing consultant and SEO expert and has worked on digital media and marketing projects with several major brands. He is a creative digital marketing expert and Online marketing consultant & works as freelance SEO Expert, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Internet Marketing Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant from India.

Check if the freelancer you are going to hire is himself/herself ranking anywhere on the search engines especially Google. If he/she can rank themselves then they certainly possess the SEO skills and can rank your website as well in the TOP. Look for the keywords they are ranking, it should certainly not include their name or brand.

Check if the freelancer is present online on all major social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + etc. Look for the reviews, recommendations or complaints he has got on his/her profile or business page. This would also give you a clear idea about the experience and credibility of the Freelancer.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is a method of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEO Freelancers work with on page and off page SEO techniques to improve website rankings. They also promote your website or blog on major social media platforms use various techniques such as Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, and Content Marketing etc. You should hire experienced SEO Expert to perform quality SEO work on your website to improve your rankings.

Before hiring a SEO Freelancer, ask him to provide you a websites assessment and a clear goal and work plan so that you should know when and how your website is going to rank. Remember, Guarantee SEO Results is now an old school marketing, don’t fall into this. Look for a reasonable assessment and goal with results varied over months because not all your keywords will rank at once.

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