If you’re a business owner who is concerned about your business’ SEO performance, it’s well worth using the Ahrefs SEO Audit tool in order to assess the effectiveness of your business’ online SEO strategy. To learn what Ahrefs SEO Audit is and how it can provide you with valuable data in order to fine-tune your business’ SEO strategy, simply continue reading. In order to discover a handy guide to Ahrefs SEO audit.

What is an Ahrefs SEO Audit?:

The Ahrefs SEO Audit is an audit tool, which will provide you in depth information about your website’s SEO ranking. So if you’re disappointed in your business’ SEO ranking, you’ll be able to use it to assess which areas of your business’ SEO strategy is currently letting your business’ SEO strategy down. So that you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to your SEO strategies, in order to significantly increase your SEO ranking.

So if you’d like potential new customers to be able to find your business’ website, via search engine results, it’s a great idea to use Ahrefs SEO Audit, to your business’ advantage.

What does an Ahrefs SEO Audit do?

When you start using an Ahrefs SEO Audit it’s automated bots will crawl through each section of your website, to analyze how effective your SEO tactics are. Better yet, once your Ahrefs SEO Audit is ready, you’ll be able to read through an entire report of your audit’s findings. Which will provide plenty of in-depth information about your business’ SEO, which you’ll find handy.


What examples of data can you find out through an Ahrefs SEO Audit:

Through an Ahrefs SEO Audit, you’ll be able to find out the health score of your business’ overall SEO performance. Which will be a simple percentage out of 100%. The higher your score is the better.

Your report will also present you with a number of issues, which they’ve found with your website’s SEO tactics. Which you’ll find incredibly useful as you’ll be able to stop second guessing why your SEO ranking is lower than you’d like.

You’ll also be able to see valuable SEO statistics about your site’s structure. As an example, you’ll find which of your website’s pages may be responding too slow, which pages have been linked to from other websites and whether any of your webpages unfortunately link to broken websites. All of which can negatively affect your business’ SEO ranking.

Can you find out valuable data about your business’ blogs?

Yes, under the segments section you’ll be able to read valuable data about any blogs which your business’ may operate. Which you may find useful as you operate a blog as part of your business’ comprehensive online strategy.

As there any other advantages of Ahrefs SEO Audit:

Yes, it will provide you with handy instructions in order to easily rectify any problems which you may have.

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